Our specialties

Performing Artists

Does creativity fuel your daily life? We specialize in treating dancers, musicians, aerial and theater artists.

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Outdoors Enthusiasts

Are you passionate about exercising in the great outdoors and love all that the Pacific Northwest has to offer?

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Lower Extremity

We have a special interest in treating conditions of the lower extremities: foot and ankle, knee, and hip.

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Seattle Ortho Arts Physical Therapy

is a niche physical therapy clinic specializing in treating performing artists and outdoors enthusiasts. Dr. Alana Rogers, PT, DPT is the founder of Seattle Ortho Arts PT.

Why Seattle Ortho Arts PT?

Seattle Ortho Arts PT believes in treating the whole person and that change as the only constant in life. We recognize that a person is not their injury or disease but rather a complex being with a unique set of attributes, experiences, and perspectives. This outlook allows us to treat the whole person, not just a diagnosis, and to tailor each client’s treatment to their individual needs. This requires fluidity, openness, creativity, and dedication. 

The mission of Seattle Ortho Arts PT is to provide specialized and compassionate care that is a cut above the rest. Our aim is to help our clients return to the activities they love by learning who they are and what they value most. We believe that every body has the capacity to live actively, with their eyes and heart wide open.

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